From Kirkus: “Fake business cards, a fake Chaos Club website, plenty of high school humor involving puke, boners, a naked and anatomically correct mannequin, an ever expanding list of heist rules, self-consciously pompous code names, and a satisfyingly complex and unpredictable plot will keep readers involved and amused. This caper comedy about an Ocean’s 11-style group of high school masterminds will keep readers guessing.”

From VOYA Magazine:  “The other members of the Water Tower 5—two girls and two boys—are well drawn. Each contributes a realistic backstory and personal flavor to the plot. Teen readers will delight in the way such totally different individuals begin to cooperate to triumph over their wrongs.”

From School Library Journal: “Crude humor, insecurities, and family expectations ring true in this realistic tale… Pop culture references, short chapters, and laugh-out-loud narrative moments make this an additional purchase for reluctant readers or fans of films like The Perfect Score.”


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